Who we are

Haylex UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hayleys PLC, Sri Lanka and the regional office in Europe for;

  • Eco Fibre Products – Growing Media, Horticulture, Erosion control, Twine, Mattresses & Felt
  • Floor Coverings & Doormats
  • Brushware
  • Latex gloves

With a history spanning over 137 years, Hayleys PLC is a truly premier multinational conglomerate driving a globally competitive business portfolio spanning 12 defined sectors of enterprise in Global Markets & Manufacturing, Agriculture & Plantations, Transportation & Logistics, Leisure & Aviation, Consumer Products, Power & Energy, Investments and Services. A public-quoted company, Hayleys today accounts for 2.36% of Sri Lanka’s export income, 3.8% of tea and 3.4% of rubber production.

Our range of products on offer pertain to two of the sectors of Hayleys PLC, the Eco Solutions Sector & the Hand Protection Sector.

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Eco Solutions

Being one of the pioneers of the coir industry in Sri Lanka, Eco Solutions is always in the forefront of manufacturing & exporting quality, innovative and eco-friendly products, supplemented by excellent customer service, reliability as a supplier and delivery. Reputed globally for its innovative and bespoke solutions, the sector manufactures and distributes a diverse range of products locally and internationally. We serve the needs of diverse customers including world renowned retailers and DIY outlets across all continents of the globe. The Eco Solutions sector consists of 3 sub sectors which includes Eco Fibre products, Brushware and Floor Coverings/Doormats.

Hand Protection

The Hand Protection sector represented by Dipped Products Limited (DPL) is a fully integrated and globally acknowledged rubber glove manufacturer providing a continuing stream of high value new product innovations in protective hand wear. Today DPL services up to 5% of demand in developed and emerging markets worldwide for natural & synthetic latex based domestic, industrial and medical gloves from manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka & Thailand.