Floor Coverings & Door Mats

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We are a one stop shop for both household & industrial floor coverings and door mats. Our portfolio consists of PVC Back Tufted Coir Mats, Woven Coir Mats, Scraper Mats, Boot Scrapers, Rubber Mats, Flock Mats, Rod Mats, Combination Mats as well as a selection of Pet Scrapers for the garden. Our versatile mats range is equally suitable for the entrance, hallway, living room, bedrooms, washrooms and the kitchen.

PVC Back Tufted Coir Mats

Cricket Matting

Woven Coir Mats

Rubber Mats

Scraper Mats

Boot Scrapper

Flock Mats

Combination Mats

Pet Scappers