Erosion Control

A wide range of Geo Textiles, Stitched Blankets and Geo Logs suitable for soil and river bank stabilisation, highway constructions, drainage systems, shoreline protection, wind barriers, sediment control, wave attenuators, steep terrains and other related applications.

Geo Logs

Stitched Blankets

Geo Textiles



Leaders in providing high quality rubberised coir products for horticultural needs. Our product portfolio include Basket Liners, Coco Pots, Weed Suppressors, Creeper Guides and Bark Guards.

Coco Pots

Basket Liners

Weed Mats

Creeper Guides

Bark Guards

Growing Media

We offer a variety of customised products based on Coir Fibre Pith, Husk Chips & Chopped Fibre, predominantly to be used as an additive/replacement to soil in the growing industry. Our product range include Grow Bags, Grow Bricks, Grow Blocks & Grow Disks available in bulk form as well as retail packaging and are used in commercial nurseries, hydroponic gardening, pot mix manufacturing, plant bedding, compost manufacturing, farming activities, substrate production, animal bedding among many other applications.

Grow Bales

Grow Bricks

Grow Bags


Industrial Twine and Twsited Fibre

We supply an extensive range of Industrial Twine and Twisted Fibre suitable for a multitude of applications. Our Industrial Twine is used as the stringing medium in the hop industry, oyster cultivation, carpet manufacturing, gardening and other related applications whereas Our twisted fibre is particularly used in mattresses & upholstery.

Specialist Twine for the Hop Industry

Twine for Oyster Cultivation

Garden Twine

Mattress Fibre

Twisted Fibre


We manufacture a wide range bespoke rubberised coir mattress blocks as well as a range of finished mattresses according to international standards. Our finished mattresses come in both coir and spring form. The coir mattresses range come as either 100% coir or coir blocks with layers of latex and PU. Our spring mattresses come in both Bonnell and Pocketed Spring units covered by rubberised coir sheets and supplemented by layers of latex, PU and memory foam in various combinations for added comfort. These are elegantly finished with poly-cotton quilted Jacquard covers. We also have a specialty mattress range in the form of Orthopaedic Mattresses clinically proven to alleviate back and neck aches as well as a newly developed Baby Mattress, "Dreams", which is non-toxic and with features which reduces suffocation.

Rubberised Coir Mattress Blocks

Coir Mattressess

Flock and Needled Felt

We supply flock which are fabric cut-offs consisting of a mixture of cotton & acrylic wool fabrics. We also manufacture and supply Felt, which are sheets of Needled Felt Pads & Thermo-bonded Felt Pads processed from Flock. These products are highly sought after for Bedding, Automobile Upholstery, Footwear, Furniture, Filtration Industries, Packaging Material, Sound/Heat Proofing and numerous other related application.


Needled Felt

Needled Felt with Fabric Backing


Floor Coverings

We are a one stop shop for both household & industrial floor coverings and door mats. Our portfolio consists of PVC Back Tufted Coir Mats, Woven Coir Mats, Scraper Mats, Boot Scrapers, Rubber Mats, Flock Mats, Rod Mats, Combination Mats as well as a selection of Pet Scrapers for the garden. Our versatile mats range is equally suitable for the entrance, hallway, living room, bedrooms, washrooms and the kitchen.

PVC Back Tufted Coir Mats

Cricket Matting

Woven Coir Mats

Rubber Mats

Scraper Mats

Boot Scrapper

Flock Mats

Combination Mats

Pet Scappers



An extensive range of household, industrial, hygiene & decorative brushes and brooms manufactured with FSC certified rubber timber blocks, plastic backs and filled with coir, Palmyra, Tampico, Arenga and union mix fibres. The latest addition to our portfolio is the colour coded "Xtra Clean" hygienic brush-ware and cleaning utensil series made with a special grade of durable synthetic bristles to withstand everyday heavy duty use.

Hygiene Brushes

Paint Brushes, Rollers & Accessories

Bannister Brushes

Masonry Brushes

Platform Brooms

Scrub Brushes

Wash Brushes & Squeegees

Wire/Scratch Brushes

Yard Brushes


Hand Protection

Our hand protection specialist DPL, with production bases located in Sri Lanka and Thailand, is a fully integrated glove manufacturer with a wide product range. Our product portfolio ranges from natural rubber, nitrile to neoprene gloves, with fabric support/unsupported, flock lined and flock free in many liner combinations, to the household, medical and industrial markets.

Branded Retail Gloves

Medical Gloves

Electrical Insulation Gloves